Popular cyber security

Until recently, it was not realized that cyberaggression would become a real and serious threat affecting virtually every one of us. The concept of cyber security emerged as a form of counteracting and preventing digital threats. So what exactly is the date and where is it used?
Penetration testing and security testing very important

Until recently, it was not realized that the Internet would also be used for these immoral and unlawful activities, causing numerous damage to people, organizations, entire countries.

Cyberagression, its form and scale, is comparable to the traditional one, and nowadays it exceeds it. At the end of the twentieth century, when the actual occurrence of the phenomenon of cyberterrorism, i.e the combination of cybernetics and terrorism, was recognized, they began to consider actions limiting its devastating activity. The concept of cybersecurity emerged quickly as an objection to the impunity, recklessness and expansiveness of cybercriminals.

Security testing very important

The Internet is an excellent invention of our time. Currently, without this, we can not imagine life, we need it practically all the time. The popularity of the internet is also used by hackers who want to extort or steal data. Can we somehow prevent this?

Cybersecurity very important

To protect ourself from an attack, we must have a good strategy. In addition to the strategy, it is worth choosing to conduct penetration testing and security testing, with which we can detect software security vulnerability.
In addition, we need to constantly monitor anomalies and suspicious network traffic to prevent hackers from interfering. In the case of information systems of particular importance, it is recommended to harden them in order to provide them with additional resistance to potential attacks. If our organization experiences an attack, it is necessary to investigate the resulting losses as soon as possible, determine the range of aggression, collect evidence, analyze the reason for the success of the attack and develop repair mechanisms.

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What is cyber security?

At present, we can not imagine life without internet. More and more people often use this tool. However, the Internet is necessary not only for us privately, but also in banks, schools, hospitals and stores. It is not a completely safe tool, because there is a threat from hackers, which is why cybersecurity is so important.

Popular security testing and penetration testing

Cybersecurity is about providing security in a network of digital resources, processes and activities in information systems. The most important resources include primarily capital, IT infrastructure and information.
Currently, a strong emphasis is placed on cyber security in industries, where extensive systems are used and where data about users, partners or the company are processed. It is not important for hackers whether the organization is small, medium or large. What counts is only what it has to offer. Therefore, everyone can be in their sights, starting from a modest travel agency to huge car factories.

Software security vulnerability the biggest problem

Using the internet, although it is very attractive, carries many dangers. In particular, large enterprises are exposed to hacker attacks. So, is there any way to defend against such attacks?

Cyber security is a very important element in our time, in particular, that everything is based on the Internet at the moment. We should remember that even if we perfectly protect ourselves against hackers, in the case of Software security vulnerability, we will become victims.
To prevent this, many companies often perform so-called penetration testing. This is nothing other than popular security testing. Thanks to this, our cybersecurity is high, and we can feel perfectly in our company and not be afraid of the attack of criminals, which are certainly hackers.

What are the consequences of a cyber attack?

Cybersecurity is about ensuring the security of electronic data and the processes of its processing in IT systems of public administration units and clients using electronic services. It is a process that requires constant response to newly emerging threats.

Consequences of a cyber attack

Cybercriminals massively paralyze the functioning of the organization, destroy IT architecture, capture capital, hinder access to resources, modify, copy or steal data. In addition to high financial sanctions, organizations as a result of cyberattack often lose their reputation, their image ceases to be positive and the level of trust of clients, business partners or current and potential employees drastically decreases.
That is why security testing and penetration testing are so important. Thanks to these tools, we may be able to avoid similar problems in the future.

How to protect yourself against cybercriminals?

Cybercrime has been constantly evolving in recent times. More and more people are the victims of such attacks. For this reason, security testing and penetration testing are carried out. However, what to do in the moment of attack?

Cybersecurity very important

According to specialists, the occurrence of acts of cyberterrorism are closely related to the use of mobile devices, uncontrolled use of social media, data processing in the cloud, and irresponsible action of employees who are not trained in the field of network security.
It is worth developing procedures in the event of an attack on processed data, network and company as well as data protection strategies and organizational structures at the time of incidents. In a crisis situation, quick response counts, so it is advisable to design and implement early warning systems that take into account the activity of all employees and departments. Information security is a multi-level process, and it is worth bearing in mind appropriate risk management, making all members of the organization aware of it in the same way.